Services at Earl Shilton Baptist Church

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Services during the Covid pandemic

At present, we are running hybrid services, with limited numbers available to meet in the church, and everyone else joining on Zoom. Services are every Sunday at 10:30am. If you want the Zoom details, or would like to reserve a seat in church, please Contact us. Note that, if attending in person, there are still many restrictions: you must wear a face covering and observe social distancing, you are not allowed to sing, and will not be allowed to socalise in the church after ther services.


We share communion on the 3rd Sunday of each month. During the pandemic, it is not appropriate for shared bread and wine to be served, therefore we encouarge anyone who wants to share communion to bring their own elements: this can be bread and wine, or anything else to eat and drink together as we remember Christ's body and blood shed for us.

Our services include prayer, Bible readings and reflections that help us connect with God in day to day life. Our music includes a blend of older hymn and modern songs led by our gifted music group.